The Barista for Your Events

Caffix brings the espresso bar experience to your events with our mobile coffee service.

Available in Quebec province and more

Are you organizing an event?

Let our baristas impress your guests with an extraordinary coffee experience. Perfect for corporate or private events, we provide a customizable experience to meet your needs and ensure professional service.

Convention – Conference – Wedding – Corporate – Private – Workplace

coffee art

A Source of Joy.

Excellence in every cup

At Caffix, we believe that an exceptional cup of coffee is a form of art. Our exclusive coffee blend offers a symphony of flavors on the palate: a textured coffee with a beautiful balance between acidity and bitterness, where notes of dark chocolate and caramel dance, and a finish reminiscent of a delicious dessert with roasted nuts.

On the Menu

Espresso – Cappuccino – Latte – Americano – Cortado – Macchiato – Flat White – Mocha – Hot Chocolate

*All available with our Decaf mix and lactose-free milk

Choice of Flavors

Vanilla – Caramel – Irish Cream – Chocolate

Available Upon Request

A choice of plant-based milk (soy, almond, etc.) – Teas & Herbal Teas

Throughout Quebec and elsewhere in Canada.

Our Service Includes

Experienced Baristas

Our baristas are rigorously trained and have a passion for coffee, ensuring that each cup is prepared and served with the utmost care and expertise.

Tasty Coffee

Our exclusive Caffix blend is the result of more than a decade of testing and refining, promising a rich and memorable cup of coffee.

Fresh Ingredients

Freshness is at the heart of every cup. We keep our ingredients in our portable refrigerators, ensuring optimal quality and flavor.

Quick & Professional Service

Our processes, optimized over the years, guarantee service that is both fast and high-quality, without ever compromising the excellence of our customer service.


Forget the logistical stress. We handle the transportation and installation of our equipment.


We bring all the necessary materials to serve the highest quality coffee. All we need is an adequate power outlet.

Our Eco-friendly Commitment

At Caffix, our exclusive blend is proudly carbon-neutral certified. We serve every coffee in compostable paper cups, affirming our commitment to an ethical and environmentally friendly coffee experience.

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